Reflections Journal: A Guided Journal

Reflections Journal

When I was a child, I journaled for two reasons: to document and remember our family holidays and to confess my struggles and difficult emotions without judgment. I took a long journaling break as a young adult and started again when I was in my early thirties. My mother was very sick, and it helped a lot to get all my thoughts and feelings down on paper. The world seemed a tiny bit clearer after writing about it.

Today, six years later, my life is much less chaotic and sorrowful, but the concept of journaling and its benefits still apply. It always leaves me happier when I have taken the time to write. Journaling has so many benefits – not just for me personally. Science has proven over again the health benefits of writing down your thoughts and emotions. Recent research suggests that trauma damages brain tissue, but that when people translate their emotional experience into words, they may be changing the way it is organized in the brain. See more about how writing can help us heal right here

Reflections Journal
When I design I always start with a large piece of paper and a handful of pens. Putting away all screens and using only pen and paper lets my creativity flow free from distractions.

In my experience, many people feel it is hard to get started. “I want to start a writing practice, but I don’t know how. What should I write about?” 

I wanted to create a guided journal for those of us who need a little help. And so I designed the Reflections Journal. A guided journal with an array of different questions to make your writing come alive. Here are some examples of the questions asked:

  • I want more of this in my life / I want less of this in my life
  • I have always dreamed about / one step I could take is
  • A letter to my teenage self
  • I really want to do this but something is holding me back

 Reflections Journal

Each spread has a prompt on the left-hand side – and then a ruled page for your own reflections on the right-hand side. This way I hope to get your thoughts flowing while also leaving space for wherever they take you. See the interior here

You may write every day – or just a couple of times a week. It is totally up to you. I have found that taking just a few minutes to myself each day makes me happier and more at ease – but sometimes I only write once a week. To me personally, it is not just a great way to acknowledge and reflect on the things I am feeling or going through, it is also a way to learn about myself.




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