Kartotek Copenhagen is a Danish stationery and design accessories brand. We design for the small everyday moments where we are at peace with ourselves or share time with those we care for. We search for ways to slow the pace of everyday life and make these small moments feel special.


One of the sentences you would hear most often in our design process is “could we make it more simple?” Our vision is to create a Danish design brand that reflects the Scandinavian simplicity with a modern and yet classical graphic touch; and to combine this with high quality materials and good craftsmanship.


We care about you when we carefully select the best Scandinavian paper qualities and the friendliest production methods.
 "Kartotek" is the Danish word for a card-index or card file system or furniture - used in libraries and other places to keep track of users, files etc. Also, Kartotek Sans is our very own typeface especially developed for our stationery.


My name is Julie Warberg and I am the founder of Kartotek Copenhagen. I live in Copenhagen with my husband and two daughters.

When I started Kartotek Copenhagen back in 2016 I had a clear vision: to slow the pace of everyday life with well-designed and high quality paper goods. I wanted to create everyday design items that invite people into a quiet and calm setting. I truly believe that more than ever before we need to take breaks from our fast-paced hyper-digitalized lives. We need to find a balance between offline and online time and to make conscious decisions about how we spend our time.
As a psychologist I am deeply convinced that writing a note or scribbling down an idea does something good to us; that pen and paper create a certain space, where we feel more at peace with ourselves and with people around us. My dream is to bring more of those free spaces to life.
I wish to inspire you to make space in your life for valuable moments, creativity and fun.

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