Make your own pin board - A step by step guide



I want to share my step-by step guide to making a beautiful pin board. Hang it over your desk, in the hallway, in the kitchen or wherever you need it! It is easy to make and relatively inexpensive. A perfect and pretty way to get organized.
Follow the guide below!



Things you need
• Soft masonite board
• Non stretch fabric (we used linen)
• Tacker & staples (6 mm or bigger)
• Utility knife
• Screws with washers



Step 1 - Buy fabric
We bought natural color linen and added 10 cm on each side for folding around the board.


Step 2 - Buy soft masonite board
Soft masonite can be found in most builders’ merchants.



Step 3 - Measure the desired size
Be careful with the masonite when handling it as it breaks easily.


Step 4 - Cut your board
A hand saw is more efficient but less precise.



Step 5 - (optional)
Make holes for the screws. We placed it 2,5 cm in.



Step 6 - Measure the fabric
Leave 10 cm on each side for folding around the board

... and cut the fabric



Step 7 - Stretch the fabric and staple it to the board
Start with a few staples in each side of one pair of opposite sides, then do the other pair. In the end you can add more staples so as to make it even all over.



Step 8 - Make the corners
No fixed strategy - just fold and staple so you avoid ridges.


Step 9 - (optional)
Use screws and washers to hang up the board



Style your board and enjoy!




Til toppen