What We're Packing For Summer: Team Favourites

Summer time means lots of journaling time! Finally, I have both the time and energy to journal about our summer adventures in a creative way. I pack my journal - of course - and lots of writing tools, colors, scissors, glue, stickers, and tape in my utility bag. I take brochures, post cards, entrance tickets etc from the places we visit and use them in my journal. After a long day of family fun, I really enjoy being alone with my journal and all my tools. It’s so much fun to look back at our summer memories once winter comes.
calendar is a must in my bag - and of course it is going with me on my vacation. I write down what I did and experienced on that particular day. I love to look back at all these small entries once the year is over. I use stickers to mark something special or if I have to remember something important. The guided section in the back helps me keep track of my travel calendar and visual memories. Along with my calendar I bring a little pocket notebook for ideas and reflections. My pencil case contains three important writing tools: a fineliner, a mechanical pencil and a regular wooden pencil. The pen case easily also carries my sunglasses, lip balm and other small accessories.

I never travel without my Travel Journal. It is perfect both for planning my journey (packing list, travel calendar) and I love that it helps me note down and remember my best travel memories. I decorate with stickers and colors. I mostly use colored fineliners because they light up my journaling. I keep all my accessories like scissors, tickets, passport, earphones etc in a transparent clutch so I can easily see and find everything I need. Plus its water-resistant surface is super handy for going to the beach!

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