Take your time


Coffee break


What is a break? To me, a break is not just a pause in work or during an activity. Breaks are a vital part of our everyday lives. And often we forget to take real breaks. Meaning uninterrupted time where we lose sense of time and space and enjoy a good book, a fruitful conversation or a moment with pen and paper. Time on the couch with our smartphones can be fine but it's not the same.


Books and coffee


Brand new research in Journal of Business Research explores how people perceive moments of luxury. It turns out that people often describe luxurious moments as small interruptions in everyday life; a nice cup of coffee, a quiet moment with a good novel. It does not have to cost a fortune or take a long time. Try spending 15 minutes every day to just be - with no purpose in mind. You can go for a walk, sit and stare, write down your thoughts... 15 minutes may turn into an hour every day. Note what happens.


Books and coffee


"Slow time" is when you put your phone, computer and other interruptions aside and let yourself just enjoy the moment, let your mind wander. Think about how you want to spend your time. A week has 168 hours - how do you spend yours? Do you keep postponing the slow time? How will that affect you in the long run?
Our tag-line is "take your time". By this I mean: take your time with the things that matter to you - and take YOUR time; take time to rest and recover.


Give yourself a break


Care for a little exercise?
Take a moment and consider the following question. Write down your answer.
"To me, a moment of luxury is..."






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