hardcover notebook

We’re back! After three weeks of family vacation, we have started schools and jobs again. As usual I am trying to get back to our normal routine with a twist. I always dream about doing things a little bit smarter this time. Less stress, more energy.

Some things never change though: A good week starts Sunday with a Weekly Planner Notepad and a pen. My husband and I plan the coming week: who is handing in the kids, picking them up, working late hours, going to a dinner party etc. I note down important tasks (remember to buy a gift for X, don’t forget wellies for the school excursion on Thursday) in the corner. We use our Desk Calendar to get an overview of the coming months; all major events go on there.

Next up: the meal plan. I use the Weekly Meal Planner to plan meals and grocery shopping for the coming week. We either go to the supermarket or shop online and hang up the plan on our kitchen cupboard.

My oldest daughter is in second grade now. After 6 weeks of vacation, she really looks forward to seeing her friends again. Like most other kids, Mejse loves to know what's scheduled for the day. So, I created a visual schedule - The Kids Weekly Planner - to give her a sense of predictability and help her take responsibility. We fill out the schedule together and talk about the coming week on Sundays (hers is in Danish).

hardcover journal

Back at my desk I often use the To Do Notepad to plan my tasks. I prefer a good fineliner for this. I keep my meeting and project notes in my hardcover notebook. Sometimes I dedicate a smaller notebook for a special project, and I keep an overview of our progress with the monthly planner.

Of course, my preferences and needs change over time and so does my favorite planner or notebook. I create planner goods based on my own daily habits and wishes – and I constantly think about the ultimate planner design. I love when people give me feedback and input for new products. So don’t hesitate to let me know how I may help you plan, work and write better!

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